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TAIParseThe VisualText® IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is an interface that allows anyone who can read and understand a human language to create text analyzers that process free-form text.  Whether you are a programmer, linguistics major, or are simply interested in writing programs that can analyze text, the VisualText® integrated development environment is for you.

It includes a place for texts to process, an intuitive step-by-step sequence of passes, a knowledge base, and debugging tools that allow you to examine an analyzer and know exactly what it is doing at each step.

If you are interested in test-driving VisualText®, contact us here.

VisualText® on the Cloud

VTCloudNow, VisualText has been moved to the cloud. This means you can edit, run, and debug online from any web browser.

We keep adding functionality online to make the online experience closer and closer to that of the IDE.